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The global transportation has witnessed increasing demand for the goods transportations between continents and countries, across seas and oceans, and the efforts that Saudi Arabia has built up its present globally, and to go after 2030 vision instructions, and because we're aware of the kingdom position as the biggest and most important centre that connects the three continent Asia, Africa, and Europe, especially since the size of the logistics industry in the country is estimated at about US $ 22.95 billion and is estimated to grow at a compound annual rate of 7.35% between 2020 and 2025. KonEX has launched KonEX company compete in this industry with its services that help facilitate import and export activities, domestic and international transportation and express services, customs clearance services, and e-commerce services, through its innovative approach and advanced fleet that provides logistic solutions to the most complex supply chains.

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Why Choose KonEX

Saudi international logistic company based in Riyadh, was established in 2020, the slogan of KonEX ( Universe is our Limits ) represent our vision, ambition and our commitment as well to our clients, to be the link that connects them to the world, and to deal professionally with the process of transporting their goods.

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Providing our clients with a competitive and cutting edge solutions

Tracking shipments:

Whether you ordered one parcel or hundreds, KonEX website provides you a tracking service to track your shipment and monitor its status throughout its journey. You will feel confident and have peace of mind knowing that you have the most recent information when using the improved tracking options that provide a fast solution that allows you to check your shipment all the time.

Domestic Express:

KonEX mission is to make the delivery process hassle-free and universal for our clients. We are currently provides services to major companies from different main important 30 cities, towns & remote areas in Saudi Arabia. Our team of experts is working to provide more resourceful &

effectual delivery solutions based on the assessment of our current delivery/transportation system.

Based on distribution needs, regardless of geographic barrier, our professional management team can provide local expertise with deep industry knowledge and experience that allows us to efficiently manage all complex and highly specialized delivery requirements.
In addition to traditional distribution center management, we offer complete programs customized to meet your requirements for origin distribution, vendor controlled inventory, order fulfillment and returns program.
Our same day delivery service even for the heavy shipments in the kingdom differentiates us from our competitors in the market.
We also offer a cash on delivery service (COD) for all domestic inbound and outbound shipments.

Last Mile Delivery:

Last mile delivery allows our customers to get their products quickly and cost effectively. Additionally, our transportation management system allows us to track each shipment and provide you with real-time updates on the delivery.

Air Freight:

Air freight service is our fastest and most efficient way to ship goods internationally and in some cases even nationally. With our hand-picked cargo fleet and air charter network, KonEX can move your shipment quickly anywhere in the world, and our service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because KonEX is licensed to handle dangerous goods certified by IATA, we have adopted safe methods for shipping these goods without harm

We provide advanced IT tracking system with real-time updates with alerts notifications on the status of your shipment. KonEX team is always eager to help you with the smallest details you need and keep the process extremely transparent.
We provide complete support in custom clearance in more than 220 countries including Saudi Arabia to make the process stress-free for you.

Ocean Freight:

Ocean freight can carry higher volumes of shipments at much lower rates compared to air and land freight, which is preferred by most shippers. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment and consolidation services to get your cargo safely and cost-effectively from the world's major ports to the right destination. We plan and provide space protection at every major container port in the world to achieve the highest reliability.

Whether FCL (Full Container Load) shipping to deliver just your products in a whole container or LCL (Less than container load or consolidated cargo) for lower volume shipments, we can help you to get sorted.
We also provide customs clearance on all shipping ports in Saudi Arabia.
Our team can help you navigate the entire process of obtaining your shipping documents, country-specific compliance, local requirements, import-export licensing and customs clearance in a stress-free manner.

Land Transportation (FTL)

To efficiently meet the requirements of our clients, our transportation department is equipped with a large fleet of vehicles and a strong network in the country. Our experience in transportation gives us the advantage of handling and coordinating all types of loads to get them to their destination safely and on time.

Our land carriage include all sea container transports and regular full loads in local, long-distance and cross-border traffic. Our modern transportation facilities and decades of industry experience have enabled us to offer cost-efficient, streamlined and comprehensive truck transportation.
To increase the efficiency of our services and make them comprehensive, we undertake the reloading of empty containers and also offer stuffing and de-stuffing services to our exporters and importers.

Services Provided

Local cargo pickup & delivery services

Local cargo pickup & delivery services

Inter-city & Inter-province haulage

FTL, LTL, Container trucking between ports, airports & cities

Cross border trucking services-KonEX

Cross border trucking services

Packing & Moving - KonEX

Packing & Moving