Rules and Procedures for Undelivered Materials

  1. Notifying the customer and stating in the service contract that the period of existence of the shipment in its final destination is 17 days. Additional amounts such as storage charges, transport fees, and delivery fees (if requested by the customer) will be charged after 17 days.
  2. Communicate with the customer to choose between receiving the shipment through the branch or through delivery (with clarification of the total fees of the invoice including transport and delivery fee etc..)
  3. In case of non-response by the recipient after the lapse of the said period, the consignor shall be communicated to return the shipments to him along with transport fees and in addition to providing delivery services.
  4. In case the sending or receiving customer does not respond, the customer service staff opens a TICKET with the shipment’s status on the system. This TICKET is sent to the Operations Department to update the status on the system.
  5. A new waybill shall be made with a new number for shipments destined for the abandoned cargo storage. The previous waybill number shall be the reference number for the new waybill.
  6. The value of transport, storage and delivery allowance shall be added to the new waybill in addition to any additional fees in the old waybill, if any.
  7. In case more than one month has elapsed since the shipment reached its final destination and has not been requested by any party, neither the sender nor the recipient, the company may dispose of the shipment as follows:
    • Sell and retain the value of the goods for those entitled to dispose them, along with deducting any expenses incurred by the carrier or any amounts due to any governmental entity.
    • Requesting the competent court to prove the condition of the goods and authorizing the company to appoint a judicial guard for the sender’s account and at his responsibility.
    • Unloading the goods in any suitable place or unload them in case they are packed in containers according to the circumstances and nature of the goods.
    • Disposal of the goods as the carrier deems necessary and within reasonable measures.