Remuneration Policies & Procedures

  1. The Customer holds the right to file a claim for 120 days from the date of shipment.
  2. The Consignor shall hold the right of remuneration.
  3. If the Consignor wishes to waive his right to remuneration to the Consignee, he shall do so through a Power of Attorney.
  4. Remuneration shall be in accordance with the Communications and Information Technology Commission regulations. The Consignor is obliged to provide the documents necessary for remuneration, such as:
    • Original Invoice with product value
    • Copy of Waybill
    • Bank account

    KonEX will not provide any kind of remuneration in case none of the above documents are provided.

  5. In case of damage, the Consignee has the right to prove damage within 24 hours of receipt and attach photos proving the condition of the damaged shipment. In case the agreed upon period elapsed, KonEX may not accept the complaint.
  6. In case of delay of delivery on the agreed period, the customer shall be compensated by the value of the shipment, except for cases of delay resulting due to reasons beyond control or emergency or force majeure.